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  • Our most popular plug and play mouse jiggler.
    Sleek professional design, plug & play

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Whether your an IT-Professional, working at home trying to appear busy or just sick of your computer going to sleep, this is the mouse jiggler for you.

Once plugged in to your devices USB port it is automatically detected by the OS as a 2nd computer mouse with no extra software needing to be downloaded.

By default the jiggler moves the cursor 1 pixel randomly every 10-30 seconds preventing screensavers or dimming activating, applications like Skype showing active and remote sessions cutoff by inactivity remaining open.

This movement is virtually un-noticeable if using the computer with the cursor remaining in approximately the same location if left unattended for several minutes.

We are more than happy to modify the devices behaviour free of charge if you have any specific requirements.

  • – Plug and play
  • – Discreet and Professional looking design
  • – Hard to detect and appears as a standard computer mouse in Device Manager
  • – Compatible with Windows, MacOS and most Linux/Unix distro’s
  • – We write the code and program the devices locally

Due to component shortages this product is currently unavailable for online purchase.
If you would like to order one please give us a call or send an email to ‘[email protected]’. 


Last Updated (05/May/2022)


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